Our mission

There are over 2.1 million people in over 810 prisons in America. Families spend more than $2.9 million for phone calls and commissary, which are basic necessities. If they find freedom, 27% of those who are incarcerated will become unemployed and have a daily average wage of $0.86 with a $500,000 loss over lifetime.

A Night on the Yard is a NFT virtual gallery advocating for our friends who are on the inside through not only showcasing their artistic abilities, but also compensating them & giving the space for gratification for their efforts. Our main goal of course is to put money into the pockets of those who have been taken advantage of by state entities, but also to exist as an example of what it looks like to properly humanize those who have sadly been captured by the system. We hope through this project people are not only moved by the art that’s being showcased, but inspired to make change themselves. We’re working towards a society that relies on restorative remedies rather than punitive ones, and eventually the abolishment of the carceral system.

Let's create solutions.

One in every 12 American children experience parental incarceration at some point in their life. Families struggle with financial loss, obstacles in securing employment, housing and more. A Night on the Yard focuses on building stonger communities by focusing on:

  • Ending family struggle
  • Caring for survivors
  • Reinventing rehabilitation
  • Increasing self esteem & self expression
  • Decreasing stress
  • Encouraging social connection
  • Providing the resources needed to succeed including but not limited to financial, emotional and legal support

Provide positive opportunities,

Creating and selling art helps plan for the future. It provides fair opportunities, honest incentives, and practice for delayed gratification. While also promoting hope, productivity, creativity, and optimism for everyone involved.

Restore Justice,

Instead of putting a bandaid over the issues we face, let's understand the cause and effects. Let's address the needs of those who are harmed in every way. Let's encourage responsibility, healing, growth and transformation.

And end the harm.

We will donate and partner with local on the ground organizations.


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