Johnny Rodriguez

Greetings, it’s a tone blessing to collaborate with my fellow peer mentor Mr. Damien “Toppnotch” Hodges at Ironwood State Prison Facility.

A true history of incarcerated men learning to solutionize how to detoxify diverse toxic mainlines with our personal disclosure of our former “struggles to strength” surviving drugs, gangs and CDCR and some inmate pawns infested yards. Artwork and creative writing helped me earnestly to reduce the risk of recidivism, warped beliefs and internal prison manipulation to do quality time in light of isolated incidents especially, by way of sporting events.

I’m personally going on 36 years of incarceration with the possibility of parole and creative writing humbled me, permitted me to become holistically edified, spiritually self-emancipated, reduce the risk of recidivism, being criminalized, gang lifestyle, and overcome diverse forms of racism, and live a life of meaningful service.

I founded Intervention Prevention of Recidivism for at risk youth writers (I PRAY WRITERS) and in August 2020 Issue 1 published in The Beat Within in San Francisco, California. I am providing a published copy of The Beat Within Volume 25 33/34 September 2020 Issue 1 where Toppnotch and I are published confirming our dedication and personal hard work we lovingly produce to quicken youth and peers to internally heal, change and manage recovery respecting autonomy. Our community of unity is multiculturally striving where we pray that our unsolicited acts of kindness and service is healthily effective where we are humbly proud to be found!

Thank you “A Night on the Yard with the Stars” for allowing me to shine.


Johnny Rodriguez

Mailing Address & Info:

Johnny Rodriguez #D50189 California Health Care Facility, Stockton (CHCF)
P.O. Box 213040 Stockton, CA 95213


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