Jaison Hall

I'm Jaison Lamount Hall, a 24 year old aspiring author, poet & innovator. I've been incarcerated for most of the last 6 years serving a 9 year sentence (4 years in prison & 2 in juvenile hall). My passion for writing came as a way for me to express myself in the times no one was there to hear me. From that point it has grown to what it is today. I am currently writing an urban novel, a book of poetry, a movie script and an essay. My passion for innovation came from seeing so many things wrong in the world & brainstorming on how I can help to fix some of those things. To do that I am currently working on a social media app. Being productive in a positive way, becoming successful & being of service to peope are what pushes me everyday.

Mailing Address & Info:

Jaison Hall #BI7696 Ironwood State Prison (ISP) P.O. Box 2199 Blythe, CA 92226


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